Join The Shigenobu Lab!


If we have postdoc positions available, the recruitment information is announced on this website, NIBB website, JREC-IN, etc. Please feel free to contact me any time if you are interested even outside the application period. We welcome your self-appeal. Please send a letter explaining your background and interests and reasons for wanting to join our lab, along with a CV to Shuji Shigenobu.

JSPS PD research fellows.

Our laboratory accepts JSPS PD researchers and I’m happy to be the supervisor. If you are considering joining us, please contact me at the earliest opportunity to discuss your potential project thoroughly before applying to JSPS. We would like to plan the project so that your background obtained in your Ph.D. course and the science and expertise of our laboratory will exert a synergistic effect.

Graduate students

Our lab welcomes ambitious international students.

To study and research as a graduate student at NIBB, you will be admitted to the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI), Graduate School of Life Sciences, Department of Basic Biology. If you are considering admission, we would strongly recommend you join the NIBB International Internship Program to experience our lab.

At the request of other universities, NIBB also cooperates with graduate school education by accepting graduate students as “special joint research researchers” and providing research training. Our laboratory can also accept such grad students. Please consult with your advisor, if you are interested.


We have a few slots of undergraduate researchers for students of Division of Biological Science, Nagoya University. We expect the undergraduates to devote substantial time and effort to research as grad students and postdocs do. It would be an ideal environment for undergraduates who want to be professional researchers.