Naoki won the Royal Entomological Society Journal Awards 2022

The paper by Matsuda et al. wins the Royal Entomological Society Journal Awards 2022 in Physiological Entomology. This award is given to the best paper published during 2019–2021.

Matsuda N., Kanbe T., Endo J., Akimoto S., Numata H. (2020) Suppression of autumnal sexual morph production in spring by a seasonal timer in an aphid. Physiological Entomology, 45:103–109.

Following this award, Dr. Matsuda gave an invited talk in the Ento22, an annual scientific conference of the Royal Entomological Society, with the following title.

  • Transgenerational seasonal timer as an adaptation to spring short days in the pea aphid
  • Naoki Matsuda*, Takashi Kanbe, Jun Endo, Shin-ichi Akimoto, Hideharu Numata
  • Presentation number T34
  • Held in hybrid at University Lincoln (U.K.) and online